The Ultimate Business in a Box

Are you looking for a ready made business?

Are you hoping to find something that is so well defined and systemised that all you need to do is plug into that system and you are off and running? With an entry cost and learning curve to suit your budget and your time constraints?

Banners Broker IS truly that:
“a business in a box”.

How do you make money on-line?

You could be or become a marketing genius
and team up with web wizard,
or maybe
you are or could be a web-wizard and
you find a marketing genius to help you,


Simply the best and easiest way is to team up with a company that knows what it is doing:

thus allowing a simple person like myself, new to this type of business, to be able to set up and get running in just a few hours after all Banners Broker do all the hard technical work for you. Leaving you to concentrate on how to make the most of this fantastic business – and with my experience I can help you to move in the right direction with that too!
Hi my name is Hamish McHarg, I live in Poynton, a village in Cheshire, to the South of Manchester, in the UK. I am enjoying watching this business grow and grow and I would like to share this opportunity with you.  Please fill in the box below to gain more information and I will email you with my contact details.

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Have you tried an online business opportunity before only to find that it is all a little bit more difficult than you have been led to believe?

I can’t say this enough – you do NOT have to be a marketing guru a web wizard or design genius to make this work. This is aimed fairly and squarely at ordinary people who can basically using the internet and a calculator.
Have you investigated online or offline business opportunities only to find that you are being asked to sell to all your friends and family before you really understand or believe in the product?
 I don’t like selling! In fact I hate it. I am however strongly recommending that you take a considered and serious look at this unique opportunity.
Do not buy anything until you are happy that this is legitimate. Have a good look at the website. Investigate it. Ask me questions and then decide how much money you want to earn. As this is a business a box (well boxed up on some very clever web pages) it would be worth your while to spend just a little time finding out what it is all about.
Enter your details below to find out a little bit more about the opportunity and from there you sign into the main website. Don’t worry you aren’t committed to anything. You won’t be spammed, no need to give personal details, other than name and email, no payment set up or credit card details. What you DO get though is 1000 FREE impressions to run a trial campaign and an opportunity to browse the site to see how it all works including all the FREE tutorials. Why not take advantage of this offer and have a good look at the site?

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Take your time to get comfortable with this amazing business opportunity. And remember, if you don’t look you will Never Know What You Are Missing.

Disclaimer: This is a business which will require an initial purchase of inventory to get started. This starts at any level you choose starting at just $25 with various levels up to a $5,000 to suit your finances and confidence in the business. Remember never commit money to any venture without being comfortable with the business and your own commitment, so choose the level that suits you. The role is as a self-employed affiliate of Banners Broker. Your success will depend in large part on your own efforts and your ability to understand and work with the comprehensive system that is on offer. I am a Banners Broker affiliate and I will not be paid directly if you join, nor will any payments from you be used to subsidise a commission. I will however receive generous incentives which will benefit my business in the long term!


Because it does take a few weeks to get a full understanding of all the details of this business, and you will only really do that as you work it, there are some great starter packages which as you will see are designed to give you a flying start!
This is not an MLM business. It is not a doubling scheme. It is not a get rich quick scheme. There are no guarantees of earnings and like all good businesses your success will depend on your own efforts. However once you understand how the business works you should be able to manage the time spent very effectively to produce a great secondary income.
The great thing about this business is you do not need to refer people, sell to people or otherwise cajole them into joining your business. This is a truly stand alone business which requires a computer and a little bit of your time to understand the system initially. But guess what? I can help you with that. And there are forums and many other business owners who are friendly and helpful. There is an extensive online help within the system too.
If on the other hand, once you see the power of what you have here, you may not want to keep it to yourself and you may want to tell everyone you meet about it. Well that’s fine too. You don’t get paid for doing this, there is no commission taken out of what they do, however there is a very generous incentive bonus to help really boost your business.
Because it makes sense to get the best out of your business it is worthwhile promoting it.
However this is not like some multi-level marketing schemes where you have to promote on blind faith to get you going (not knocking MLM, many are very good, but there is no doubt you have to sell before you see results, which many people find particularly difficult). Once you see what this business can do for you first I am sure you will want to be telling your friends and family about it. But hey, that is completely up to you! Everything is completely up to you – if you want to know more about the system, fill in your details below and you will be taken straight to an introductory page and Free Access to the website where you can claim your Free Campaign.

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Filling in your details will give you Absolutely FREE access to the Website including a free sample for you to try, with Absolutely NO OBLIGATION.
No trick opt-ins, no time limited trials.

So you are intrigued and you want to know how Banners Broker does it!

Banners Broker is an online advertising company that helps both advertisers and website owners capitalize on the power of the web. The Internet is an authoritative far reaching marketing tool that tends to remain largely unaffected by the global economy whether be it strong, weak or even in recession.
Offering affordable and effective marketing opportunities, Banners Broker is an extensive online advertising network with large scope and targeted reach. The Online advertising industry is an enormous market with Google being far and away the market leader. What you might not be aware of is that they are not the only players in the market, they are just the biggest! There are many others offering online advertising and each has to be slightly different to attract just a small share of the market. However this market is so vast that even a small share can equate to some large numbers.


3 ways to become involved with Banners Broker:

As an Advertiser:
Do you have a website to promote? Do you have promotional banners which need placing. Use Banners Broker to publish your banner adverts online. Banners Broker have a network of over 300,000 associated websites and can target your banners to suit.

As a Publisher:
You can earn commission from Banners Broker as a publisher of banners on your website. Simply sign up and get your site reviewed as a suitable publisher. There is a catch though, you need to have at least 1,000 unique hits per day to be eligible.

or opt for

The Ad-Pub Combo Package:
This allows you to both promote your website and to profit as a publisher.
You don’t even need to have your website set up yet as you can collect the advertising credit and use it when you need to, or simply promote your Banners Broker Business through their website.
How does this work then? Put simply Banners Broker will rent the publishing space to you, they will find the advertisers and will share the profit from that space with you.
If that sounds good to you and you would like to find out more, fill in your details for access to the site and for your FREE 1000 banner impressions. From there you can get more information and you can sign in to see and feel how it all works with absolutely no strings attached.
No Time Limited Offers! No Spam! No Credit Card Details! No Obligation! No Catches!

To get the full story link through to the site by filling in your details below and you can see the comprehensive back office with free tutorials. There is no need to commit yourself right away. Find out as much as you can about Banners Brokers here and see how You could benefit from a small slice of the multi-billion dollar online advertising industry.

How would you like to be able benefit?
Do you not deserve to give yourself the chance?
Have a look! Because you know this could be just the right opportunity for you!

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If you sign-up on the site, I will send you a welcoming email which will include my details, which means you can ask questions directly. That is why I need your email address.
You will I hope appreciate that I cannot put my email address on here as I only want to be communicating with real people who are serious about looking at a genuine first class business opportunity.

For the best ROTI in the business – that is Return On Time Invested.
Check out Banners Broker the Ultimate Business in a Box

PS: Banners Broker as a company are compliant in over 120 countries worldwide. They take great pains to maintain compliance with local business and tax laws. It is important that you understand that this is a self-employed business opportunity with a chance to be associated with a first class fast growing company.
Your success will depend to a large extent on your own efforts to understand and make the most of the management of the business system being offered to you.
Recently (Spring 2012) the company had in-depth discussions with the Inland Revenue in the United Kingdom and have established that VAT is not chargeable on their products or service, however each affiliate is liable to determine their own personal tax position in their own country of residence.